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The fairies are nature angels who assist us all with earthly concerns, including increasing our self-confidence & belief in our ability to make a positive difference in this world

The gorgeous cards in this deck are geared toward helping you "wear your invisible crown" & fulfil your life purpose. Radleigh Valentine calls Fairy Tarot Cards the "self- esteem deck." because the words and images are imbued with this intention. Inside, you'll meet Fairy Kings, Queens, Princes & Princesses, set against the backdrop of iconic Glastonbury, England. The wisdom of the fairies, inscribed on each card & explained in the accompanying guidebook, will help you put your life on the fast track of Divine magic!

Fairy Tarot Cards makes a perfect companion to the best- selling Angel Tarot Cards. (In fact, you can mix the two decks for even more accurate & detailed readings!)

78 card deck & guidebook.

Fairy Tarot

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